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Make an appointment Today. Our Flexi-link system is tailored to suit any hairstyle to achieve a natural look.

Your hair is your biggest accessory for you. That is because you wear it every single day!. Click the link to shop online.  Protect your investment with our professional hair extensions range. H.E.F.S. has specially formulated this product range to keep you extensions healthy for longer.

This one on one training is ideal for those who are new to hair extension application and/or would like to be educated on the Flexi-link application system.

About Hair Extensions Full Stop

Hair Extensions Full Stop is a premier hair extension salon in Australia,Located on the   Gold Coast. Our wholesaling and distributorship place us in the global market also.

Our passion for what we do is evident in the attention to detail we offer every single client, and to the continued research and development we do to bring the highest quality products to our clientele.  We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality hair extensions at the most competitive price.

We aim to make hair extensions affordable to the everyday girl not just the rich and famous!

Over the 15 years that Hair Extensions Full Stop has been in the hair extension business, we have traveled and trained both in Australia and abroad to bring to you the most up-to-date attachment method and highest quality hair.

If you’re after maximum glamour and volume, look no further.  Hair Extensions Full Stop Provides application of semi-permanent system (flexi-link hair extensions).  Our Flexi-link system is tailored to suit any hairstyle to achieve a natural look.

All of our hair extensions are carefully chosen by industry leading experts, so you know you’re getting the perfect hair extensions just as you desire.  Our hair extensions are made with multi-tone adapt coloring system, which helps the extensions blend with your hair seamlessly.

Hair extensions are used to add

  • length
  • volume
  • highlights
  • or all of the above…

In a few moments you will have exclusive access to secrets that models have been using for years to achieve long hair that is full & sexy.

Once you have decided on your extensions, don’t forget to check out our range of hair extension aftercare products to keep your hair extensions beautiful for a longer time.

Reasons to Invest in our set of Hair Extension: –

  • 100% Remy Human Hair that is beautiful, tangle-free, silky and thick….
  • We educate you on the aftercare….
  • Premium European Double Drawn human hair….
  • Using the Safest application methods available….
  • Most Competitive prices…anywhere….
  • Great, natural looking results with perfect color match….
  • No Glues and Waxes….
  • No Slippage…
  • Guaranteed Satisfaction….
  • Payment plans available…
  • Rebate Programs available….


We also offer clip-in hair extensions in premium Remy European hair.  The clip-in extension sets are perfect for those who do not wish to always have semi-permanent hair extensions, but would like longer, fuller hair for special occasions.

We pride ourselves on our quality, so naturally we chose the highest-grade extensions on the market of beautiful, soft hair. Click here 

If you are a salon looking to purchase our professional quality products to use in your salon click here.  Our products are used in premium salons across the world.

We pride ourselves on our quality which has been proven and tested to make sure you get the best hair your money can buy….


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Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions


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